Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Alice In Wonderland Hare 

These are the first two hares I have made.
The hare in red was commissioned with the theme of
Alice In Wonderland.  

It took quite a while to get the head correct for 
the hare. The ears are double layered
and have wire running around the edge to 
keep them stiff. 

The 'Alice' bear has themed objects hanging
from his backpack such as, a hop hat, 
playing cards, a watch, magic potion etc. 

The lady who commissioned this special 
hare has also asked me to consider doing all the
characters from 'Alice In Wonderland'

What an curious prospect! 

They both have matching eye
patches with hand printed
'A Threadbear Production'

1 comment:

  1. You are quite an accomplished artist!! I truly enjoyed looking at everything you do!! I wish you tons of success! Everything was adorable and so is that little Sophie!!